Things to Remember with Your Household or Office Furniture Removals
Author: JHB Furniture Removals    Date Published: 21 February 2012

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This article will highlight important information, some important aspects to remember on the day of your move.  Whether your a moving house or office, some basic mistakes can result in extra costs and even damage to your furniture and property.  Following are some general precautions to take in order to eliminate extra charges on the day of your move.

Disconnect all appliances like the stove, dishwasher and washing machine.

Dismantle all beds, headboards and other large items.

Empty all cabinets, cupboards and drawers before the moving company arrives.

All Fridges and Deep Freezers must be defrosted and emptied, especially if going into storage or going long distance.

Lock away all cellphones, keys, wallets, cameras and other valuable items.

Where necessary remove doors and other obstructions from entrances. This to avoid problems that might occur with large items which are to be removed from the building.

Keep all items not to be loaded in a separate room, eg. the bathroom.

All boxes and containers are to be sealed properly.

Ensure that all heavy items, books, records, etc are packed in smaller boxes.

Wrap all mirrors, paintings, glass items in bubble plastic to avoid damage.

Confirm that EVERYTHING is loaded before the truck leaves the premises.  Trucks normally do not turn back.



Be sure to have the keys of all entrances to your new home or office.
Be sure to be available when off-loading so that you can direct the staff to the location of every piece of furniture.


Be pro-active, think in advance of problems that might occur.  Remember that all delays (dismantling of furniture, disconnection of appliances, etc.) will be charged for.

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